What We Do...

We disrupt the marketplace to engage consumers to buy through digital integrated marketing solutions built on platforms of advertising. We create cross-channel solutions based on what our clients actually need, not the limitations of what a traditional marketing company would provide. No is not in our vocabulary.

What We Don't Do...

We don’t do lazy. We don’t do traditional marketing. We don’t miss deadlines. We don’t leave any stone unturned to learn your market in order to find an effective way to engage, optimize and convert the sale.




Our specialties include media buying and optimization of Meta, Google, Affiliate marketing management, and e-commerce solutions.

We have assembled a team of top talent including leading business solution experts to provide the best experience for our clients.

In short, we pursue your goals relentlessly.

Strategy + Planning + Execution

We utilize a unique method to develop a clear plan and strategy to accelerate growth for your business needs and execute your plan.

Creative + Content

A fresh cross-platform creative process to bring ideas to life and capture the time and attention of your consumer.


From strategy to development to implementation and beyond. If it’s digital, it’s likely we can do it. Did you know we build and develop apps?


A unique brand of creativity and brilliant execution to ensure our clients stand out.


Full-service media buying including reporting and analytics to include key performance indicators.


A social media management team to manage the client’s role in all social channels. Did you know we set-up, plan and manage your campaigns?

We Specialize

“A few areas we know a just little bit about to be dangerous, are Healthcare, Medical Cannabis, Agriculture, Legal, Franchise, and Retail E-Commerce to name a few.” To learn if we are the right fit for you, simply click here and set up a call with one of our merry team of disruptors. If we think we can help we will.




If you want to know more about BrandRukus, how to become a client, or how you join our merry team of disruptors, please fill the form.